Emergency Sewing Kit

Looking For An Emergency Sewing Kit?

┬áIf you’re looking to get an emergency sewing kit then you have definitely come to the right place.

The accessories contained in a My Travel Sewing kit give you the ability to make quick and simple repairs on the go and is perfect for getting you out of wardrobe malfunction hell. In a nut shell…it’s perfect for emergencies!

It’s even got a bonus manicure set so you can keep your nails looking lovely all the time.

Even though it’s a small emergency sewing kit it’s got pretty much everything in it you’ll ever need. Whether it’s for simple sewing repairs at home or when you go traveling, you’ll be thankful you’ve got one of these really useful kits by your side.

We’ve created a dedicated web page that’s got all the information you need on this handy emergency sewing kit – click below to discover more:

Sewing Kit EmergencyEmergency Sewing Kit

My Travel Sewing Kit – Great For Emergencies


Travel Sewing Kits

Travel Sewing Kits