How did the My Travel Sewing Kit come about?

One evening, Amy, Debs, John and Mike were having dinner and sharing some nice red wine.

The conversation soon turned to travel and the stories of distant lands from times gone by.

We soon discovered that all of us had at some time experienced a serious wardrobe malfunction whilst on our travels (even the boys).

Some malfunctions were more serious than others, but all resulted in us trying to fix various garments, buttons and hemlines with those poor quality hotel sewing kits they give out for free.

travel_sewing_kitNow free might seem good, but come on…I mean, what’s the point of them?

The thread invariably breaks right away and the contents always leaves you wondering how on earth you can possibly fix anything with such low quality accessories.

We all agreed that what was needed (then and now) was a much much better travel sewing kit.

A kit made from quality materials…and safely stored away in a nice looking case.

A kit that had everything in it that you’d ever need.

The sort of kit that’ll allow you to laugh in the face of wardrobe malfunction hell when she unexpectedly strikes!

The sort of kit MacGyver or the A-Team would carry around with them, yet stylish enough for the ladies of Sex In The City.

The sort of kit you can keep at home, in the car, at the cabin, at collage and in the fishing boat.

The sort of kit that’s small enough to fit in you bag and take on your travels.

The sort of kit that your friends say ‘wow…that looks awesome, where did you get it?’

Well, the first prototypes we put together were pretty rubbish to be honest :-) ….but we persevered.

And over time we finally pulled together what we now call the My Travel Sewing Kit. It has everything in it you’ll ever need and the accessories are all quality. It really is the last travel sewing kit you’ll ever need!

We hope you’ll buy one (or perhaps two or three) so that when wardrobe malfunction hell strikes, as she surely will one day when you least expect it, you’ll be equipped to the max to handle it with ease.

Mini Travel Sewing KitHappy travels,

Amy, Debs, John and Mike and the team at My Travel Sewing Kit.





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